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Educational Programs/Resources

Educational Programs/Resources

Learn about the free environmental education programs and online resources offered to classroom teachers, homeschool groups, and community groups.

CCWSA provides a wide array of programs for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Each activity is matched up with the Georgia Science Standards for each grade. However, all activities can be adjusted to teach younger or older children. In addition, some activities such as the Enviroscape can be used to teach college students and adult groups.

The activities are separated by grade level for the ease of finding what fits best for your needs.

Interested in having us come in to do a program? Contact us. Scheduling early is recommended.

CCWSA is proud to be a Partner in Education with Creekland Middle School.
The Partners in Education program is administered by Cherokee county Chamber of Commerce. The program is about fostering partnerships among business organizations, schools and communities in Cherokee County.


Science Basic: Hitting the Mark

Best for 4th grade and up.  The students will distinguish between accuracy and precision, investigate the relationship of accuracy and precision as it relates to water quality data collection, write clear procedures, and recognize the limitations of those procedures. Students work in small groups to create a structure and/or method to make the clay ball hit the target. Then they write the procedure out step by step. The groups then rotate and have to use the other group’s procedure to get the same results. This is a fun hands-on interactive way to teach accuracy and precision!

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