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Treatment Facilities

Treatment Facilities

At the present time, CCWSA maintains and operates three wastewater facilities.  By collecting and treating wastewater, CCWSA is helping to protect streams, rivers and groundwater from contamination.  This also helps protect public health and wildlife. CCWSA offers Wastewater Treatment facility tours to the public upon request. If you are interested in seeing our facility operations, contact email Lori Forrester or 770-479-1813 Ext. 1176. To download a copy of CCWSA’s Sewerage Disposal Policy, click here.


Rose Creek Treatment Facility

The Rose Creek Facility is located off Wyngate Parkway in southern Cherokee County.  It became operational in 1987.  The plant is permitted to discharge flows of up to six million gallons per day of treated waters to Allatoona Lake.

Rose Creek incorporates Sequencing Batch Reactor technology to meet wastewater discharges at a quality higher than the permit limitations.  These limitations are assigned under the National Pollutants Discharge Elimination System Permit issued by the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

The treated effluent from the Rose Creek Facility is pumped through a twenty-four-inch force main from the plant site to Allatoona Lake and discharged at the bottom of the lake into an arm of the Etowah River.

Rose Creek also holds a four million gallons per day permit, from the State of Georgia, to supply reuse water from the facility to the Towne Lake Hills Golf Course for irrigation purposes.

Fitzgerald Creek Wastewater Facility

The Fitzgerald Creek Wastewater Facility is located off West Wiley Bridge Road in southeastern Cherokee County.  This facility became operational in 1988.  An upgrade to the facility was completed in the summer of 2008.  CCWSA is permitted to discharge flows of up to five million gallons per day of treated waters to Little River from this facility.

Fitzgerald Creek incorporates the newest technology in Sequencing Batch Reactors to meet wastewater discharges at a quality higher than the permit limitations by the State of Georgia.

Riverbend Treatment Facility

The Riverbend Wastewater Treatment Plant is located off East Cherokee Drive in northern Cherokee County. This facility was put online in 2018 and is permitted to discharge one million gallons per day of treated water into the Etowah River.

Riverbend also uses Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology with a upgraded control system that has the dynamic adaptability to changing conditions to optimize contaminate removal for the best effluent quality possible.



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