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Our Water

Our Water

The raw water source for drinking water in Cherokee County is the Etowah River. CCWSA has recently completed a major expansion of our Etowah River Water Treatment Facility to an operable capacity of 38 million gallons per day. This treatment facility, along with the CCWSA Lathem Drought Contingency Reservoir located in northeast Cherokee County, provides drinking water to more than 75,000 meters (more than 190,000 persons) daily.

This important infrastructure enables more liberal water availability to the customers of CCWSA. While many water systems struggle to meet demands, this proactive planning over the past 20+ years provides the CCWSA customers with a more stable and sustainable water supply.

CCWSA offers Water Treatment Plant tours to the public upon request.  If you are interested in seeing our award winning plant operations, contact Clint Blackwell at (770) 479-2911 for more information.

As part of our water conservation efforts, Cherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority offers to our commercial, industrial, and institutional customers a water assessment to evaluate your water use patterns.  There is no charge for this service.  Contact our Environmental Affairs Department at (770) 479-1813 if you would like more information or to schedule an assessment.


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