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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Cherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) was established as a subdivision of the government of the State of Georgia by an act of the Georgia Legislature in 1955. This Authority was created for the express purpose of providing public drinking water and sanitary sewer services to the citizens of Cherokee County. CCWSA has performed this mission for sixty-six years; adding infrastructure and treatment systems in response to growing demands for services.

CCWSA is a public not-for-profit governmental entity tasked with the provision of drinking water and sanitary sewer services to Cherokee County. The Authority has no taxing powers, is not a part of Cherokee County government, and does not receive any tax revenue from county or city governments. CCWSA sells the services of high-quality drinking water and efficient sewage conveyance and treatment, the charges for which go to pay on-going operations and maintenance costs. New customer connection fees are designed to repay any monies the Authority borrows for capital improvement projects such as new or expanded water and sewer lines, or new or expanded treatment facilities.

Services & Finance

CCWSA provides water service to over 190,000 residents in Cherokee County, including both residential and commercial consumers.  The Etowah River Water Treatment Plant is located on Coker’s Chapel Road in Northern Cherokee County.  This facility is capable of producing 38 million gallons of drinking water daily.  For more information about our water services, please visit the Water page on this website. CCWSA provides wastewater service to over 27,000 residents in Cherokee County, including both residential and commercial users.  The Rose Creek facility is located off Wyngate Parkway in Southern Cherokee County, the Fitzgerald Creek facility is located off West Wiley Bridge Road in Southeastern Cherokee County and the Riverbend Facility is located off East Cherokee Drive in Northern Cherokee County.

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Water Outage - 05/13/2024 - Arthur Drive (Restored @ 1:30pm) ~ 653 Arthur Drive - 756 Arthur Drive. This will affect the Lakeview Subdivision (Johnson Drive, Brittany Drive, Mason Drive, Sharon Drive, Carmon Drive, Marsha Drive & Wanda Avenue)*Read More*
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