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Security and Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

Security and Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

The Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) is a not-for-profit entity chartered by the Georgia State Legislature, during March 1955. The CCWSA complies with all Federal and State of Georgia regulations (O.C.G.A. §13-10-91) with regards to immigration, naturalization, and citizenship screening for both employment and contractual obligations for construction.

The CCWSA is a proud member of the Federal E-Verify Program under Company I.D. Number 464247. All new hires are required to fill out an I-9 (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s “Employment Eligibility Verification Form”), provide proper identification required by law, including a photo I.D., and submit to E-Verify (Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Electronic Verification for employment eligibility/work authorization). The E-Verify Company I.D. was registered and authorized as of November 8, 2011, and currently remains active.

All bid contractors providing construction services directly to the CCWSA are required to sign and notarize the State of Georgia affidavit verifying continued authorization and participation in the E-Verify program and compliance with all other immigration, naturalization, and citizenship regulations, they must further confirm that they will only contract with subcontractors and sub-subcontractors who produce the afore mention documentation.

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