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Toilet Rebate

Rates & Billing | Toilet Rebate

  1. Program Structure
    1. Program Eligibility:
      1. Must be a customer of CCWSA
      2. Must be a multi-family residential property on a master meter
      3. Cherokee County Tax Assessor listing must have property Land Code as “Multi Family”
      4. Must be built prior to 1994
      5. Toilets planned for replacement must be greater than 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf).
      6. Must replace at minimum 30 toilets and maximum 60 toilets
      7. Must apply for rebate through the account owner/association
    2. Those Not Eligible:
      1. Individual residents living in multi-family housing
      2. Institutional or commercial properties
      3. Those built after 1994
      4. Existing toilets less than 3.5 gpf
      5. Properties that have already received a rebate through the program
      6. Past due water accounts
      7. Properties replacing old toilets with flush valve toilets
  2. CCWSA will coordinate and manage the rebate program.
  3. Customers must submit a Pre-Approval Application and receive approval from CCWSA before purchasing or installing toilets.
  4. Once approved for replacement, the applicant has 90 days to install toilets and submit receipts.
  5. By the 90-day limit, the applicant must have scheduled a verification inspection with CCWSA, or submitted a request to terminate the application.
  6. If no termination request or verification inspection has been received by the 90-day deadline, the application will be terminated by CCWSA and no rebate will be issued.
  7. Only one Pre-Approval Application can be submitted per address/property.
  8. Rebate amounts are available as follows: $50 for High Efficiency 1.28 gpf Watersense labeled toilets, or $75 for Ultra-High Efficiency 1.1 gpf toilets.
  9. Only one flush rate may be chosen per application. (i.e. All toilets must be High Efficiency or all toilets must be Ultra-High Efficiency.  Not a mixture of both.)
  10. Rebate amounts will be reflected as a credit on the account owner/property water bill within 2 billing cycles.

Multi-Family Toilet Rebate Application

Single-Family Residential Toilet Rebate Program

The CCWSA Board Of Directors has elected to participate in the district-wide Toilet Retrofit Program of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.

For information regarding this program and to see if you are eligible for participation, please visit NorthGeorgiaWater.org or call 404-463-8645.

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