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Student Photography Contest

Student Photography Contest

Are you looking for something educational to do with school age children over the holiday breaks? Check out our contest. There will be a K-6th grade winner and 7th – 12th grade winner. This years theme is Then and Now– Open to all K-12th grade students either in CCSD or homeschooled.

Requirements – Students must provide an original photo or a copy (photo) of an original photo from Cherokee County that contains a waterway, mill, dam or fish weir along with a current photo of the same location and a 50 – 100 word narrative that explains the photo, what changes have occurred and what local resources were used.

Resources – Older family members or friends who grew up in the area, Cherokee County History Museum, Funk Heritage Center, Woodstock Visitor Center and the library.

How to submit? Send photos (then and now), student’s name, school, grade and narrative to Lori Forrester

Deadline – January 18th, 2023

Questions? Contact Lori Forrester or 770-479-1813 Ext.1176

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