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Student Photography Contest

Student Photography Contest

Attention talented Cherokee County Student photographers!

Our theme is OUR INCREDIBLE WATERWAYS – Open to all K-12th grade students either in CCSD or homeschooled. There will be a $50 prize for the K-6th grade winner and 7th – 12th grade winner.

Requirements – The photograph must be of a waterway (stream, river, pond, lake, wetland or waterfall) in the Etowah Watershed. All waterways in Cherokee County are in the Etowah Watershed. If you want to branch out into other counties look at google maps. Try River Runner. Drop the raindrop on the map where you want to photograph and see where it goes. Contact us if you have any questions about the Etowah River Watershed boundaries.

How to submit? Send photograph with the location the photograph was taken, student’s name, school, and grade to Lori Forrester.

Deadline – April 12th, 2023

Questions? Contact Lori Forrester or 770-479-1813 Ext.1176

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