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Sewer Rates

Rates & Billing | Sewer Rates

CCWSA sewer rates were designed to cover the costs of providing sewer service to your home or business.  These costs include operations, maintenance, and replacement of existing infrastructure, as well as capital improvements that expand the system.  Sewer is charged based upon water consumption.

Meter Size – 3/4″ or 5/8″                Service Type – Residential

0 - 2,000$12.60
3,000 & Above$7.15 / 1,000
Billing Example: 12,000 GAL Water Consumption
0 - 2,000 GallonsBase Rate$12.60
3,000 - 12,000 Gallons10 @ $7.15 / 1,000$71.50
Total Sewer Charge$84.10

Download CCWSA’s current Rate Chart for 0 – 40,000 gallons.  For rates on commercial services
and larger meters, please contact our customer service at 770-479-1813.

CCWSA works hard to efficiently and effectively accomplish it’s job of providing high-quality drinking water and wastewater reclamation to it’s customers.  CCWSA has only adjusted water and sewer rates twice in the last ten years, first in May 2014, and most recently in May 2019.

Returned checks:  There is a $35 fee for check and electronic payments that are returned due to insufficient funds, etc.

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