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Science & Engineering Fair

Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) recognized six Cherokee County students at the NWGA Regional Science & Engineering Fair on February 8th, 2020 at Alliance Academy for Innovation High School. The students were recognized for excellence in their projects that focused on the environmental field. Students excelled at all levels from elementary school through high school.

This was the first year that elementary school students participated in the regional science and engineering fair. Hunter Hawkins from Hasty Elementary School was recognized for his project “How can farmers solve the problem of erosion?“ Three students from E.T. Booth were recognized: Madeline May for her project “Which Homemade Water Filter is the Most Effective at Cleaning Water and Particulates?” , Lydia Wooley with her project “What are the Different Types of Microplastics and Inorganic Waste in the Lakes?”  and Victoria Ramos-Jackson with her project “Lead along the Roadways: Which has more Lead?” All three placed 1st and will be advancing to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. Two students from Woodstock High School were recognized: Isabel Plower with her project “The Effect of the FAS ll Pathway on Agro-Industrial Waste” and Brodie Solomon with his project “The Effect of Water Pump Filtration on Microplastics in Freshwater.” Brodie Solomon placed 3rd with his excellent project on Microplastics filtration (see photo below).   Isabel Plower placed 1st and will be advancing to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. The recognized students received a certificate, goodie bag and a $50 gift card.

Isabel Plower, Woodstock High School Science and Engineering Fair Winner Will England presenting Madeline May with her CCWSA goodie bag Brodie Solomon’s project on Microplastics filtration
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