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October 2023

Board Meeting: October 30, 2023 @ 4:00 PM

Agenda Items:


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Corey Ghorley
1) Request Approval of Annual Engineering General Service Contracts in an amount not to exceed $200,000.00 each for the following firms:
• CCWSA-2023-001-Atkins Realis
• CCWSA-2023-002-Brown and Caldwell
• CCWSA-2023-003-Hazen and Sawyer
• CCWSA-2023-004-Engineering Strategies, Inc.
• CCWSA-2023-005-Croy Engineering
• CCWSA-2023-006-Freese and Nichols, Inc.
2) Request Approval of Construction Budget in the amount of $642,500.00 for the Rose Creek WWTP-Back Up Pumping Project (Item #14 under Construction Expansion/Upgrade on Current CIP)

Garry Hensley
RE: Request from City of Woodstock for CCWSA Acceptance of Parcel 15N17C-293, Lot 82, Park Place Estates into CCWSA Service Area

Darrell Caudill
1) Request Approval of CCWSA Resolution to Purchase Alvin Coker Hwy. 92 Property
2) Right-Of-Way Easement Acquisition by Georgia Department of Transportation
3) Georgia Transmission Corporation/Final Revision to Easement Documents at Cokers Chapel Rd. & East Cherokee Dr.

Approval of 9/25/23 Board Meeting Minutes

*There will be no Finance Report presented this month due to the audit in-progress.

Treatment ReportsClint Blackwell, Mike Venters

Environmental ReportJennifer Arp

Construction ReportGarry Hensley

General Manager’s Report
1) Request by City of Waleska to transfer 200,000 GPD of Reserved Water Capacity Currently Allocated to the Lower Burris Road/Worley Road Meter Location to the Land Road/Twin Forks Meter Location
2) Request Authorization for Staff to Update Authorized Signers on CCWSA Bank Accounts and Investment Account Resolutions

Executive Session – Pending Litigation

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Just a friendly reminder that the year-round Outdoor Watering Restrictions allows for use between 4:00 pm and 10:00 am.
Thank you for helping us during this dry time of year by using water wisely.
Drought - Watering Guidelines