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May 2022

Board Meeting: May 23, 2022@ 9:00 AM

Agenda Items:


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Corey Ghorley
1) Request Approval of Cost Increase from GEO-Hydro Engineers for Additional Materials Testing on the Fitzgerald Creek WWTP Expansion in the amount of $28,327.40 (Original Approved Cost Estimate: $58,427.40. Revised Total with Increase: $86,754.80)
2) Request Approval of Change Order #1 (Final) for the Blankets Creek Capacity Expansion Project (Change Order reflects a 16-day extension to the contract completion time due to unforeseen conditions, as well as a credit of $28,555.00. Original Contract Amount: $2,039,000.00. Revised Contract Amount per Change Order: $2,010,445.00)
3) Request Approval of 2023 CIP/Future Projects List

Dwayne Fowler
1) Petition for Extension of Water Main from Residents of Hwy. 140 – Reinhardt College Parkway – West from Addington Lane
2) Petition for Extension of Water Main from Residents of Damascus Road

Approval of the 4/25/22 Board Meeting Minutes

Finance ReportBeth Jones

Treatment ReportsClint Blackwell, Mike Venters

Environmental ReportJennifer Arp

Construction ReportDwayne Fowler

General Manager’s ReportTom Heard

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