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March 2024

Board Meeting: March 25, 2024 @ 9:00 AM

Agenda Items:


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Brooke Anderson, General Manager; Etowah Water & Sewer Authority
RE: Request to Reserve an Additional 250,000 GPD of Water Capacity for Wholesale Purchase by Etowah Water & Sewer Authority

Corey Ghorley
RE: Request Approval of Construction Budget in the amount of $876,852.00 for the Riverchase Sewer Line Replacement Project – Phase 2

Garry Hensley
1) Petition for Extension of Water Main from Residents of Wilkie Road
2) Petition for Extension of Water Main from Residents of Reavis Mountain Road/Cherokee Gold Trail/Cherry Grove Road

Ryan Sarks
1) GMEBS Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Restatement Required by IRS
2) Request Approval of FY 2024 Surplus Listing

Approval of the 2/26/24 Board Meeting Minutes

Finance ReportBeth Jones

Treatment ReportsClint Blackwell, Mike Venters

Environmental ReportJennifer Arp

Construction ReportGarry Hensley

General Manager’s ReportDwayne Fowler

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