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The Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority understands that sometimes customers will have an increased water/sewer bill due to an unforeseen leak on the customer’s side of the meter.  The CCWSA Board of Directors approved a policy to provide assistance to these customers.  The Leak Adjustment Policy below can help determine if you could possibly qualify for an adjustment to your water/sewer bill.  Customers that would like to request a leak adjustment should download and complete the Leak Adjustment Request Form and return to the address on the form or email.

What – A leak is considered an unintentional water loss caused by broken or damaged plumbing fixtures, pipes or irrigation equipment at a customer’s residence or non-residential site that results in a customer’s bill being higher than the customer’s typical bill for water services. CCWSA owns and operates water mains in the public right-of-way (up to and including the water meter). We are not responsible for private plumbing systems or the service line between the water meter and your home.

How – Customer applies for help by means of a standard form available on our website and/or at Customer Service. Customer must show sufficient (determination of the Customer Service Manager) proof of leak repair.

Timeliness On The Part Of The Customer – The customer must apply for leak help within 90 days of the customer’s identification and repair of a leak to be eligible for leak help.

How Much – Customer can receive help on a high water bill due to a leak on the customer’s side of the meter no more than once within a rolling 12-month period (rolling 1-year timeframe starting from the date of last leak help the customer received). Leak help means that the water volume above the customer’s average bill (12 month average or average of all bills for those who have been customers less than 12 months) will be charged at the wholesale rate. In the event that a leak appears to have impacted the billing for two consecutive months, both months may be considered.

Customer Payment Accommodation – Customers who receive leak help may receive (at the discretion of the Customer Service Manager) an extended payment period over which to complete paying for the leak-caused bill. A customer cannot receive any help for a new leak until and unless an extended payment bill has been paid in full.

Customers On Public Sewer – Customers on public sewer service who receive leak help may receive forgiveness of sewer charges in excess of the customer’s average bill (12 month average or average of all bills for those who have been customers less than 12 months) if the customer demonstrates (determination of the Customer Service Manager) that the water from the leak did not enter the sewer system.

Pool Repair — Pool repair shall qualify as a leak. Filling of a new pool (construction) shall not qualify as a leak.

Final Decision On Leak Help – This represents the whole and complete leak help policy of the Board of Directors of the Cherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority. The decision of the Customer Service Manager regarding leak help is final. Any customer who feels aggrieved by this policy may seek a hearing before the Board to present perceived policy inadequacies.

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