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A Day Without Water Winner

The Winner is — Campbell Munsey!

Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) is pleased to announce the winner of the Imagine a Day Without Water essay contest is Campbell Munsey from Etowah High School. Thank you to all the students who participated in the essay content, we hope that it helped you understand the value of water. Go here to learn more about the value of water

The Winning Essay

A Day Without Water
by Campbell Munsey

Drip. The water drips down the spout. It is hard to imagine life without water. How would you flush your toilet? What foods would you be able to eat? What would you do without clean, filtered water from your sink? These questions would spiral around in our minds as we struggle to fathom what our day would look like. Water is an important source in our lives, and without it, the results would be deadly.

Without water, we would not be able to have filtered water from our sinks, whether they are in our kitchen or our bathroom. With the sinks in our kitchens, we use the water to clean dishes and fill up a cup of water to drink. We would not have water to use for our dishwashers, so we would have to use paper plates and plastic utensils, which would just fill up more of the landfill. On average, each person needs eight glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration. Without clean water to drink, it would be impossible for us to get this much water per day in a healthy way, causing dehydration. People that play sports would have no way of staying hydrated while running around in the sun. If our bodies do not contain the amount of water needed, we could potentially die.

Water is also used in bathrooms to help flush the sewage down your toilet. As Americans, we are used to the luxury of having water in our toilets to flush down the dirty water. If we did not have water in our toilet bowls, the sewage would build up and create bacteria and an unpleasant smell. People might even try throwing their waste away like you do with a dog to prevent the room from smelling. As humans, we use lots of water to take showers on the daily. Without water for just a day, it would not be a big deal to skip one shower, but if you went without water for a longer period it would become a problem.

Another use of water is in the process of making food. Whether you are growing crops for agriculture or cooking steak, water is involved in each process. For crops like fruits and vegetables, water is needed to clean the crops and to help them grow. Without water, the crops would not be able to live, which would cut out a big selection of our food supply. Fruits and vegetables are two of the main food groups that humans need every day, so they are vital to our lifestyle. For meat, tons of water is used in the meat production process. In order to make just one pound of meat from beef, it takes 2,400 gallons of water. Many Americans eat meat in every meal as their protein, so they would have to rely on nuts and other sources to give them their protein.

Overall, water is an important source for many aspects of our lives. Whether you use it for showering, flushing your toilet, or using it to wash your food, you use water more than you probably knew you did. If the world had to go a day without water, we would have to find alternatives and discover new ways to live.


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