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February 2022

Board Meeting: February 28, 2022@ 4:00 PM

Agenda Items:


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

 Corey Ghorley
RE: Request Approval of Proposal from Freese and Nichols in the amount of $291,882.00 for Design & Bidding Services for the Rose Creek WWTP/UV Disinfection System (Item #11 under Construction Expansion/Upgrade on Authority’s Current CIP. CCWSA has currently spent $38,632.00 for Engineering Evaluation funded out of 2020 Annual Engineering Services Contract.)

Dwayne Fowler
RE: Petition for Extension of Water Main from Residents of Lower Dowda Mill Road

Approval of the 1/31/22 Board Meeting Minutes

Approval of the 2/7/22 Call Meeting Minutes

Finance ReportBeth Jones

Treatment ReportsClint Blackwell, Mike Venters

Environmental ReportJennifer Arp

Construction ReportDwayne Fowler

General Manager’s ReportTom Heard

Executive SessionReal Estate Item

Web Developer: StudioSR, LLC
Water Outage - 05/13/2024 - Arthur Drive (Restored @ 1:30pm) ~ 653 Arthur Drive - 756 Arthur Drive. This will affect the Lakeview Subdivision (Johnson Drive, Brittany Drive, Mason Drive, Sharon Drive, Carmon Drive, Marsha Drive & Wanda Avenue)*Read More*
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