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Opening/Closing Account

Opening/Closing Account

Starting New Service

CCWSA requires a deposit to establish water service at a residence, business, or other location.  If there is an existing meter, a transfer fee is also required.  If there is not an existing meter, a meter must be purchased through our customer service department at 140 West Main Street Canton, GA or 770-479-1813.

If you are a Homeowner: Deposit due is $50, Transfer Fee $25 … Total Due $75
If you Rent/Lease: Deposit due is $100, Transfer Fee is $25 … Total Due $125

*A copy of the rental or lease agreement is required when deposits are made on rented or leased property.

*Non-emergent after hours connection is subject to $100 service charge.

These deposit amounts are for a 3/4 inch, residential, single-family property.  Larger meters, meters for commercial buildings, and meters that supply more than one location or multi-unit complex require different deposit amounts.  Please contact our customer service department for deposit information for these types of meters.

The deposit must be received in our office at least one day prior to the day service is to begin.  The deposit can be mailed to
P. O. Box 5000, Canton, GA 30114.  If you are mailing the deposit, please include the following information with the deposit.

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Service Address
  • Subdivision Name (if applicable)
  • Previous Owner’s Name (if available)
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Date Service Is To Begin (Please note that CCWSA does not activate service on weekends or holidays.)

The deposit may also be made over the telephone with American Express, Visa or Mastercard.  To establish service using this method, please contact
our customer service department at 770-479-1813 during normal business hours.

Ending Service

If you are moving or wish to have water/sewer service disconnected, please notify CCWSA at least one day prior to the date of disconnection.  You can email your request to Customer Service, contact us at 770-479-1813 or fax the request to 678-493-2434.  Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Service Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Forwarding Address
  • Date Service Is To Be Discontinued (Please note that CCWSA does not disconnect service on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.)

A technician will obtain a meter reading on the day you wish to disconnect.  If we have an application for a new service at the same address on or before your service disconnection date, we will read the meter and leave the water on.  When the account is closed and billed for final consumption, a final bill will be issued or a refund check will be issued if the final bill is less than the deposit amount.

If the property has been sold and the new owner applies for service, this will automatically close the previous owner’s account.  However, it is recommended that the previous owner request a disconnect of service.   If the new owner does not apply for service and the account remains in the previous owner’s name, the previous owner will be responsible for any water/sewer use.

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