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This is a text block sample for the top of your page. You can separate your content by adding more rows with text blocks like this one. Some photo options are in the rows below. You can duplicate any of these rows or delete them for your finished post. To make a link, select your text and use the LINK option in the toolbar above (in editing mode); this is not as messy as putting a name and following that with a hyperlink.

This is a fish.

This is a water hose.

These are plans.

Use the row above if you want to add 3 images to your post. They should be cropped to 400 x 400 px at 144 ppi to work in a row like this. Avoid adding captions to the images. Use the text box below the image to add explanations or captions. Smaller block photos like these load faster and read better across various devices!

Use the Media Grid in this row if you have a lot of photos to post and you’d like for the grid to open up in a slide show. Note that if you use the Media Grid option, you can have up to six in a row. Photos for this option can be cropped to 800 x 800 px at 144 ppi.  A note about photos in a Media Grid: The grid picks up the image name as a title — you can edit image names in the Media Library for photos that you use in a grid.

Important! Please note!

Use H3 and H4 for sub-headings in your post. Do not use H2 except for the top!

Featured Images
You must have one “featured image” for each post to show up in the post grid for which it is intended. The featured image must be 1200 x 675 px at 144 ppi. Upload the featured image by clicking options in the right sidebar. Important: WAIT until you see the image populate before leaving that feature. It takes a few seconds to resolve.

Most post grids on this site are set up to use the Post Title and Excerpt to identify it in the grid. If Post Titles are not SHORT and the Excerpts roughly the same length, the Post Grids will look messy. Add the Excerpt in the field marked with that title. It’s down towards the bottom of your post.

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Just a friendly reminder that the year-round Outdoor Watering Restrictions allows for use between 4:00 pm and 10:00 am.
Thank you for helping us during this dry time of year by using water wisely.
Drought - Watering Guidelines