November 2018

Board Meeting:  November 26, 2018 ~9:00 A.M.

Agenda Items:

  • Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
  • Gaye Blackwell
    RE:  Request for Consideration of Sewerage Charges from Authority Customer Pete Brennan
  • Corey Ghorley
    1)  Request Approval of Contract Change Order #1 (FINAL) for the Kellogg Creek Road & Woodstock Road Intersection Improvement Project (CCWSA-2016-001); Original Contract Amount of $470,177.00; Decrease per Change Order for $78,860.40; Deduction in Contract Amount is result of unit price items, bid items, and labor not used; Revised Contract Amount of $391,316.60
    2)  Request Approval of Increase in Construction Cost Estimate for River Park Force Main Extension Project (CCWSA-2016-008) in amount of $1,574,000.00; Original Construction Cost Estimate of $1,251,000.00 was approved 10/30/17; Increase due to estimated extra work allowance, additional pipe bedding, & erosion control measures added to the project.
  • David Kubala
    RE:  Memorandum of Agreement for Participation in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s Toilet Retrofit Program
  • Lori Forresster
    RE:  Education Overview
  • Approval of the 10/29/18 Board Meeting Minutes
  • *There will be no Finance Report presented this month due to the audit in progress.
  • Treatment Reports – Clint Blackwell, Mike Venters
  • Environmental ReportJennifer Arp
  • Construction ReportDwayne Fowler
  • CIP Update

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