Model Water Tower Competition

Lori Forrester, Left, with 1st place winners Marissa Migneco, Ixchel Avila, Isabella Postel and Cara Holland and teacher Kara Reeder.

Mason Mancini, Miguel Santiago, Grant Hodges and Billy Pron wait to test their water tower.

“FROM TODAY’S YOUTH COME TOMORROW’S LEADERS – LET’S LEAD SOME TO THE WATER PROFESSION!” This is the mission statement of the planning committee for GAWP’s Model Water Tower Competition. This annual competition was hosted in Cherokee County for the first time on October 26, 2018 at E.T. Booth Middle School. This STEM activity focuses on students learning complex concepts such as hydraulic and structural efficiency while thinking green and using recycled materials. Kara Reeder, a 7th grade science teacher, was instrumental in the coordination of school resources and personal as well as the guidance of her students through the building process. The 96 students that participated in the competition had a total of ten weeks to plan, design, and build their water towers. Assisting in this endeavor was Engineer Carlton Sherrer of Freese and Nichols, who assisted with the various phases. The competition was almost entirely staffed by CCWSA employees all tasked with a different judging activity. Some stations included hydraulics, materials, dimensions, and subjective judging. While the students were waiting for their tower to be judged they had the opportunity to learn about water meters from Shane Fowler and compete against one another to put a meter together. This event would not have been possible without the help of our dedicated staff, E.T. Booth staff, Freese and Nichols, Hayes Pipe Supply Inc., Landmark, Bermex, Caldwell, and Cedar Chem. We are looking forward to this competition being a part of our educational programs for the coming years.