January 2016

Board Meeting:   January 25, 2016 ~ 9:00 A.M.

Agenda Items:

  • Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
  • Dwight Turner
    1)  Request from George DiMartino for Exception to Leak Adjustment Policy
    2)  Request from Donnie Day for Consideration of Bill
    3)  Leak Adjustment Information
  • Dan Carson
    RE:  Request Approval of 2015-2016 General Services Engineering Contract/Lowe Engineers/(CCWSA-2015-009-Lowe Engineering); Not To Exceed $200,000.00
  • Follow-Up Item:
    1)  Eric Wacaster/Request for New Water Line at Rock House Road
  • Approval of the 12/17/15 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Approval of the 1/21/16 Called Meeting Minutes
  • Finance Report – Beth Williams
    1)  Request Approval of Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Procedures for Tax-Exempt Bonds
  • Treatment Reports – Clint Blackwell, Mike Venters
  • Construction Report – Bill Graham
    1)  Request from Cherokee Co. Fire Dept. for Replacement of 17 Fire Hydrants; Estimated Cost of $36,000.00
  • General Manager’s Report – Tom Heard

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