April 2018

Board Meeting:  April 30, 2018 ~4:00 P.M.

Agenda Items:

  • Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
  • Ernie Earn, President; Georgia Association of Water Professionals
    RE:  Presentation of Awards
  • Gaye Blackwell
    RE:  Request for Consideration of Bill from Veronica Sitterding
  • Jeff Hooper
    RE:  Easement Relinquishment at 1725 & 1726 Park East
  • Ryan Sarks
    RE:  Request Approval of FY 2018 Surplus Listing
  • Follow-Up Items from the 3/26/18 Board Meeting:
    1)  Request by H. Wayne Clark of Land Acquisition & Development for Lift Station and Force Main
    2)  Request by Jim Lowe of Atwell, LLC for Lift Station and Force Main to Serve Dobson Circle Subdivision
    3)  Request by Jeff Smith of Ridge Planning & Engineering for Lift Station for Riverside Townhomes
  • Approval of the 3/26/18 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Finance Report
  • Treatment Reports – Clint Blackwell, Mike Venters
  • Environmental ReportJennifer Arp
  • Construction Report – Dwayne Fowler
  • General Manager’s Report – Tom Heard
    1)  Approval of Policy Manual & Revised Specifications
    2)  Letter from City of Canton dated 4/10/18 Regarding RacTrac near Exit 14 and Kroger.                                                            3)  City of Canton/Daily Capacity Meter Allotment